My Past Weekend

This past weekend I had a lot of fun, from going to Columbus to going to Red Wings game to going to my guy friends school State Championship hockey game. My whole weekend started with driving to Columbus, while I was in Columbus I stayed at my sister who goes to Ohio State. That night, Friday, my boyfriend and I went to the Red Wings vs. the Blue Jackets game. We had a lot of fun but the Red Wings did not have there best game and lost. The next morning my guy friends made everybody breakfast and then we went to the State Championship game. This game was St. Ignatius High School (Cleveland) vs. St. Francis of Toledo, this was a very big game for us aka St. Ignatius. For the past two years they were back to back state champions for hockey so if they win this one they are three back to back winners. The year before all my guy friends played in and won their senior years. This year the states game went in double overtime and with in a two minutes of the second overtime one of the sophomores on the team scored and we won the game. All the guys in my grade were so excited because that made St. Ignatius win three state championships in a row. This past weekend was a hockey filled weekend and I loved every second of it. My favorite sport to watch is hockey, it is so intense and fun to watch.


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